Learning with your family or with your small group is fun yet challenging! Small group classes include individual and team coaching with group instruction. All Defensive Handgun classes are available for small group instruction, and last 4 hours. 


Our Certified Instructors are ready to train your group. Prior to class, Instructors may ask for any previous handgun experience to determine the course objectives. 


Cost: $85.00 P/P plus *$10Range Fee P/P.  Please call us directly @ 830.370.9717 to schedule, or, for more information, complete the form below.

*Non-included $10 Range fee p/p is paid to the range director and cannot be waived. It is not a ProTex fee. 

See Disclaimers below. 

Small Group or Class (2 -4 Students)

  • Safety is the main objective in firearm training. All range classes will be held on "good weather" days, when temps (including wind chill and heat index) are between 50-95. Please know when registering that if the forecast for your scheduled class does not fall within that range, that ProTex may see fit to reschedule your class. Heavy rains within 48 hours of class may also be cause to postpone due to unstable footing. You will be notified the day of or the day before class if your class will be rescheduled. PFT cannot refund registration fees, but is happy to reschedule class if, for any reason, you are unable to take your class on the scheduled date. Safety is the highest priority. If, for any reason, you are unable to adhere to the safety rules, posing a potential threat to yourself or to others, or you appear uncooperative with Instructors, Officers, or other students, you will be dismissed from class. By registering, you understand and agree to the Disclaimers.